Electric tricycle manufacturer 800W 3 wheels electric scooter for adult

  • Anti-slip, wear-resistant, and high safety
  • The brakes respond in 1 second
  • Direct Current Permanent Magnet Differential Motor
  • front and rear spring suspension and shock absorber system
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1.Anti-slip, wear-resistant, and high safety.

Better shock absorption
Enhanced grip
Improved handling
Energy savings
Easier repair and replacement

2.The brakes respond in 1 second

Motor disc brakes perfectly matched,The braking distance is shorter about 1 meter, more stable and safer.
Excellent Braking Performance
Longer Lifetime
Consistent Performance
Effective Heat Dissipation
Ease of Maintenance
Precise Control

3.Direct Current Permanent Magnet Differential Motor:

High Efficiency: DC permanent magnet differential motors typically have high efficiency because their permanent magnet field provides a constant excitation, reducing current losses.

4.front and rear spring suspension and shock absorber system:

Providing Comfortable Suspension: The front and rear spring suspension and shock absorber system can absorb the vibrations and impacts from uneven road surfaces, making the vehicle ride smoother and more comfortable. This is crucial for the comfort and well-being of both the driver and passengers.

Wheel base715mm
Front tyre3.00-10
Rear tyre3.00-10
Rated voltage72V
Battery weight60kg
Travel range48km
Max.speed30km/h (H)