Wholesale closed cabin mini trike electric tricycles for adults

  • Powerful Performance
  • Front and rear disc brakes, stop on a dime
  • Anti-slip, wear-resistant, and high safety
  • Luxury Front Seat
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1.Powerful Performance

With an 800W motor and 72V voltage, it offers strong and worry-free power, making it capable of handling various terrains with ease!

2.Front and rear disc brakes, stop on a dime

Equipped with front and rear three-wheel disc brakes, the braking is responsive and powerful. Combined with regenerative braking from the motor, it shortens braking distance, providing greater stability and safety, ensuring a secure journey for you.

3.Anti-slip, wear-resistant, and high safety

Better shock absorption
Enhanced grip
Improved handling
Energy savings
Easier repair and replacement

4.800W sine wave differential motor

Powerful and efficient for effortless climbing
Robust climbing ability with rapid acceleration
Smooth operation, balancing power and energy consumption
Universal compatibility with 62V/72V, providing strong torque to adapt to various road conditions. It offers powerful performance, stable hill climbing, quick acceleration, and extended range!

5.Luxury Front Seat:

The deluxe version of the front seat is spacious and comfortable. It can be adjusted for easy entry and exit, and the backrest can be reclined forward, making it convenient for passengers in the rear seat to get in and out.

optional model:

Net Weight180kg
Max Speed25km/h
Loading capacity160kg
Range35-40km (one set battery); 70-80km (2 sets batteries)
Charging Time6-8 hours
Battery Life2-3 years
TyreFR&RR 3.00-10&80/90-12
Brakedrum brake
Passenger2-3 person
Warranty6 month for Motor,Battery and Controller