FOD-F1 1500W 3 wheel scooter Electric tricycle with COC /EEC/E-mark certificate

  • Highly sealed body
  • 7-inch large screen display
  • Anti-slip handbrake
  • Dual sunroof design for ventilation
  • Shock absorption system
  • Suspension system
  • anti-skid vacuum tire
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1.Highly sealed body

The entire vehicle adopts automotive-grade sealing technology, undergoing multiple sealing experiments to enhance its waterproof performance. It ensures that no water leaks in during rainy day driving, providing a more secure driving experience.

2.The steering system, transmission system, braking system, and throttle control are all operated by hand, making it simple and easy to learn.

It provides both a steering wheel control panel and a handlebar control panel for drivers with different driving habits.

3.7-inch large screen display

HD rearview camera image.
Easy reverse driving, helping the driver to monitor the rear situation intuitively and clearly.
Minimize reverse blind spots

4.Anti-slip handbrake

Pulling it upwards while parking can prevent the vehicle from slipping and sliding.

5.Famous battery supplier is more stable.

Bigger and true capacity of battery make sure longer travle range.

  • Strong energy storage capacity, abundant power storage.
  • Stable discharging, motor less prone to damage
  • Battery voltage is stable
  • Short circuit protection system is safer
  • Low battery self-consumption
6.Dual sunroof design for ventilation

The roof and rear of the car are equipped with openable sunroofs, allowing for airflow and ventilation. When cycling, they create circulation, ensuring a cool and non-stuffy interior even in the hottest summer days.

7.Shock absorption system

The shock absorption system utilizes high-strength alloy dampers, which enhances durability by 2 times and overall comfort by 3 times. Even on rough road conditions, it ensures a smooth ride throughout the journey.

8.Suspension system

The front suspension adopts an F1 racing-grade suspension system, while the rear suspension utilizes a saddle-type suspension system. The overall performance in terms of maneuverability, stability, and comfort meets automotive-grade standards. It can easily handle rough road surfaces, providing a smooth and stable ride throughout the journey.

9.anti-skid vacuum tire

Improved durability, stability, and increased friction provide better traction capabilities.
You can easily drive on different roads
12-inch wide-wear resistant tires with aluminum alloy wheel hubs.

10.Disc brake, brake sensitivity

The vehicle is equipped with an anti-lock hydraulic disc brake system on both the front and rear wheels. The hand-foot cooperative braking structure, combined with large perforated brake discs, ensures sensitive and easy operation of the brakes.

11.Excellent high-performance motor

The power system of the vehicle is 1500W permanent magnet synchronous DC motor, which utilizes stepless variable speed technology. This ensures a smooth and seamless acceleration without any jerks, providing a linear and smooth power output. The outstanding high-performance motor delivers strong acceleration and climbing ability. The vehicle can reach a top speed of up to 50 km/h, showcasing its powerful performance.

Curb weight (kg)320KG
loading capacity(kg)250KG
Rated motor power (kW)60V/1500W
Motor typeBrushless Dc Motor
Battery typeLead acid Maintenance-free
Battery capacityMaximum 60V/58Ah
Charging time(h)6~8h
speed -high speed (km/h)0-45
Max Range (km)60-80
BrakeDisc brake
Loading Quantity5sets/20GP, 10sets/40GP
configurationPower window、Rear view camera、Radio player