Forward Auto technical exchange and sharing series: Lead-acid battery

Lead-acid battery

1.Battery Type
The battery is the main source of power for electric vehicles, and the quality of the battery will directly affect the mileage of the electric vehicle and the life of the battery. Common electric vehicle batteries on the market today include lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries. There are various battery brands and high optionality. It is recommended to choose a brand battery for better reliability and stability.

(1) Lead-acid battery

  1. Cost comparative advantage: Lead-acid battery is the cheapest secondary battery. The important components are lead and lead compounds. The lead content is as high as 60% of the total battery mass. The residual value of used batteries is high, and the recycling price is higher than that of new batteries. 30%, so the overall cost of lead-acid batteries is lower.
  2. Comparative advantages of recycling: lead-acid batteries are simple in composition, mature in regeneration technology, and have high recycling value. They are the easiest batteries to achieve recycling and recycling. The global production of recycled lead has exceeded the production of primary lead. The reuse rate of lead from waste lead-acid batteries in the United States has exceeded 98.5%, and the reuse rate of waste lead-acid batteries in my country has also reached more than 90%.
  3. Performance characteristics: The lead-acid battery is the battery with the longest industrial production time and the most mature technology, with stable performance, reliability and good applicability. The electrolyte characteristics of the battery itself make the lead-acid battery non-flammable. In addition, the battery adopts normal pressure and low voltage design, which has good safety and can be used for floating charging. Large-scale energy storage provides convenience.
    The full name of lead-acid battery is sealed maintenance-free lead-acid battery, which has the advantages of low price, large capacity and mature technology. Lead-acid batteries are also the main power source for electric vehicles on the market. The disadvantage of the fly in the ointment is that the weight of lead-acid batteries is slightly heavier.

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