Forward Auto technical exchange and sharing series: Battery–Ternary Lithium battery(2)

BatteryTernary Lithium battery(2)

1.Battery Type
The battery is the main source of power for electric vehicles, and the quality of the battery will directly affect the mileage of the electric vehicle and the life of the battery. Common electric vehicle batteries on the market today include lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries. There are various battery brands and high optionality. It is recommended to choose a brand battery for better reliability and stability.

(2) Ternary lithium battery

Ternary polymer lithium battery: Lithium battery using nickel cobalt lithium manganate (Li(NiCoMn)O2) ternary positive electrode material as the positive electrode material. The “ternary” material referred to this time refers to the “ternary power battery” in the common saying that the positive electrode is ternary and the negative electrode is graphite. In the actual research and development application, there is another kind of positive electrode is ternary, negative electrode is lithium titanate, usually called “lithium titanate”, its performance is relatively safe, life is relatively long, does not belong to the commonly known “ternary Material.”


The ternary lithium battery has high energy density and better cycle performance than normal lithium cobalt oxide. At present, with the continuous improvement of the formula and the improvement of the structure, the nominal voltage of the battery has reached 3.7V, and the capacity has reached or exceeded the level of the lithium cobalt oxide battery.


Ternary material power lithium batteries mainly include nickel-cobalt-aluminate lithium battery, nickel-cobalt-aluminum lithium manganate battery, etc. Due to the unstable high-temperature structure of nickel-cobalt-aluminum, the high temperature safety is poor, and the pH value is too high, which is easy to cause the monomer to swell, and then Dangerous and currently expensive.

In contrast, the ternary polymer lithium battery does have the characteristics that are better than the lithium iron phosphate battery, but it has been hindered with the development of new energy, but in general, the ternary polymer lithium battery is better.

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