Forward Auto technical exchange and sharing series: Battery–Maintenance of the battery

(2) Maintenance and maintenance of lithium batteries

1. When the lithium battery electric vehicle is used for the first time, the battery must be deeply charged, and the charger will continue to charge after the green light is displayed. For transportation safety, the battery is in a half-charged state when it leaves the factory. Before you ride, be sure to fully charge the battery before using it.

2. When the lithium battery has a low power prompt during the driving of the electric vehicle, the lithium battery should be charged as soon as possible. Do not drain the battery every time you ride, it will greatly reduce the life of the battery, remember! ! Because lithium batteries have no memory effect, they can be recharged at any time. So you have to develop a good habit of charging in time after use, which can prolong the battery life several times.

3. The charger used should be completely matched with the lithium battery. Excessive charger current will break down the lithium battery protection system and cause a short circuit, thereby causing a safety accident of the lithium battery. The charger voltage is too low, which makes charging inefficient and takes too much time.

4. Pay attention to the charging time. After the indicator light of the charger turns green, charge it for about 1-2 hours, and then the charging can be stopped.

5. When the lithium battery electric vehicle is not in use, the power supply should be turned off in time, or the battery pack should be pulled out from the battery holder and placed separately. Because the motor and controller still consume power under no-load condition. Especially when it is parked for a long time, it is best to perform a charge and discharge similar to “activation” once a month to avoid passivation of the battery electrodes and damage to the electrode structure, thereby affecting the battery life.

6. At the same time, the battery life is also affected by the environment. Lithium batteries should be prevented from undercharging in winter and overcharging in summer. Lithium electric vehicles should not be parked in the high temperature of direct sunlight in summer. Also, it is strictly forbidden to get wet or immersed in water.

7. Master the correct charging method: first connect the charger and the battery pack, and then connect the power plug of the charger to the 220V AC power supply. According to this connection sequence, electric sparks can be avoided when plugging and unplugging the charging plug. The charger shows a red light when the power is turned on.

8. Keep in mind the shallow charging and shallow discharging: the basic principle to be observed when using lithium batteries is shallow charging and shallow discharging, that is, to charge in time, and do not wait until the battery is about to run out of power before recharging, to ensure that the battery voltage is maintained in a stable state . Deep discharge (more than 90% of capacity) and recharging can easily damage the battery.

9. Avoid contact with metal contacts, so as to avoid metal objects touching the positive and negative electrodes of the battery, causing short circuit and damage to the battery; at the same time, do not knock, acupuncture, trample, modify, or expose the battery to the sun to avoid danger.

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