Forward Auto technical exchange and sharing series: electric vehicle motor maintenance

electric vehicle motor maintenance

  1. During the use of the electric vehicle, it is generally not necessary to maintain and maintain the internal components of the motor. If the nut is found to be loose, the nut should be tightened in time or a professional should be asked to check and deal with it; users should not modify it, otherwise failures and accidents are likely to occur ( Including: fire, traffic accident and other serious consequences).
  2. Check whether the lead wire of the motor is scratched, and whether there is any abnormal noise when the motor is running. If necessary, it should be sent to a specialty store for processing, and a professional should be asked to check and deal with it.
  3. If the motor is found to be hot (over 90°C), smoke, smell, noise or other abnormalities, stop running immediately and send it to a specialty store for processing. Do not disassemble the motor by yourself.
  4. When used in rainy days, do not let the motor run in deep water, let alone let the water surface exceed the position of the central axle of the rear wheel.
  5. The vehicle should be avoided under the condition of overloading, insufficient tire pressure or driving on long and steep slopes, otherwise the motor may be in danger of burning.
  6. The electric wheel hub should not be severely impacted, and the electric vehicle should not be forced to start in a blocked state. When the electric vehicle cannot be started due to obstruction, do not start it repeatedly, and start the motor after eliminating the reason for the obstruction of the electric vehicle.
  7. For the motor equipped with chain, remember to always add lubricating oil to the chain, which can not only reduce the wear of the transmission parts, prolong its life, but also reduce the transmission noise.
  8. When the motor stops running, remove dust and sludge from the outside of the motor in time, keep the motor clean to prevent oil and water from entering the interior of the motor, and do not spray directly with water when cleaning.

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