Forward Auto technical exchange and sharing series: Gasoline Tricycle Common faults

Gasoline Tricycle Common faults

(1) Causes and failure analysis of the engine not starting

Check in two directions: oil and fire, in general, two reasons for not starting: either no oil or no fire.

1. If the key is turned on and the meter does not display or the whole car is out of power, check whether the fuse is burnt and the battery cable is disconnected.

2. Check whether the flameout switch is turned on, and the flameout switch is on the right handle.

3. Check whether the gasoline enters the carburetor. Unplug the oil pipe of the carburetor to see if there is gasoline flowing out. If there is gasoline flowing out, plug the oil pipe. If no gasoline comes out, check if there is gasoline in the tank and if the oil switch is on.

4. Check whether the spark plug is flashing, twist the high-pressure cap counterclockwise, and use the end of the wire to turn on the switch at a position about 2CM of the engine casing to see if there is a spark. If there is a spark, the ignition circuit is normal. If there is no spark, check the high-voltage package, igniter, and coil for faults.

5. If there is gasoline, the spark plug also jumps, and the engine still cannot be started. Check whether the spark plug is wetted by gasoline and whether the engine is breath-holding (pressure: press the hole of the spark plug with your finger, and then start again, if the finger feels pressure to spray out , it proves that there is no problem with the engine, if there is no pressure, there is no leakage between the cylinder and the piston and the leakage of the valve).

6. If it is difficult to start when the weather is cold and the temperature is relatively low, open the damper and close the damper after about 20 seconds of starting.

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