Forward Auto technical exchange and sharing series: Gasoline Tricycle Common faults of the whole vehicle

Gasoline Tricycle –Common faults of the whole vehicle

  1. The brake is not working: Check whether there is still oil in the oil tank, if not, add it. If there is oil, check whether the upper and lower brake pumps and the oil pipe are soaked in oil. If soaked in oil, replace related accessories. If not soaked in oil, check if the brake pads are normal. If all are in normal conditions, it is recommended to replace the brake upper pump or lower pump. (How to judge the air discharge of the brake pump: if the brake lever is pushed back to its original position, or the brake slowly begins to soften, air needs to be discharged in the above situation).
  2. The car does not run fast and is not strong enough: Check whether the tire pressure is normal. The common cause of failure is that the clutch plate in the engine slips, and the clutch needs to be replaced.
  3. The direction swing or deviation occurs during the driving of the vehicle: If the swing occurs in the case of a new car, tighten the steering column nut a little. If the above problems occur after the car has been used for a period of time, it is recommended to check the tire pressure, gear oil, steering bearings, and replace the above accessories if necessary.

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