Forward Auto technical exchange and sharing series: Gasoline Tricycle Maintenance(1)

Gasoline Tricycle Maintenance (1)

Compared with the electric tricycle, the maintenance of the gasoline tricycle is more complicated and more important. Once the maintenance is not timely or improper, the damage to a small part of the motorcycle may cause considerable loss of subsequent maintenance and replacement parts. Therefore, the relevant car owners must pay attention to the maintenance of your car.

(1) You can buy some commonly used wearing parts as spare parts, such as brake pads, various cables, oil, etc., because some parts are dedicated to special vehicles in case of failure during driving. It is best to buy a bottle of coolant for a car with a water-cooled engine.

(2) Always keep a bottle of special oil. The tricycle oil is not enough, which is easy to cause the engine to pull the cylinder, etc., but it will cost a lot of money to maintain.

(3) When starting, please learn to start from the 1st gear, do not start from the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th gears. Starting with a high gear will cause excessive gear rotation pressure and easily damage the engine.

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