Forward Auto technical exchange and sharing series: Gasoline Tricycle Maintenance(3)

Gasoline Tricycle Maintenance (3)

Compared with the electric tricycle, the maintenance of the gasoline tricycle is more complicated and more important. Once the maintenance is not timely or improper, the damage to a small part of the motorcycle may cause considerable loss of subsequent maintenance and replacement parts. Therefore, the relevant car owners must pay attention to the maintenance of your car.

(8) The ignition switch can’t be pressed for a long time to start the car, no more than 3 seconds at most. You can press the switch several times to start, and no more than 15 times at a time. If it still doesn’t work, please check whether the spark plug is wet and causes a short circuit.

(9), first start the car and then turn on the lights, first turn off the lights and then turn off the engine. There are many benefits to maintaining the battery.

(10) Maintenance items to be done at different time periods:

1. Run about 300~500 kilometers to change the oil for the first time, and check whether the screws are loose by the way.

2. Run about 800~1000 kilometers for the second oil change.

3. Change the oil for the third time after running about 1500~1800 kilometers.

4. Change the oil every 2000 kilometers or every three months.

5. The first gear oil of a new car should be replaced after driving 1000 kilometers or about 1 month.

6. Replace the gear oil as a whole in half a year.

7. Check the water, oil, gasoline and bolts of important parts before each start.

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