Forward Auto technical exchange and sharing series: Battery and Charger

Battery and Charger

Battery charges and runs out quickly*The charger voltage is low so that the battery is severely undercharged or the battery is damaged, try to replace the charger or the battery.
*Battery is so old that it cannot be used for a long time, try to replace the battery.
Charger does not work*Try to replace the fuse in the charger or battery.
*Try to reconnect the battery pack connection wire.
*Try to replace the socket.

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CHONGQING FORWARD AUTO TECH CO.,LTD. has been engaged in the design, manufacturing and sales of electric tricycles, electric four-wheelers, electric scooters, as well as scooters for the elderly and disabled people for more than 20 years. Here we would like to share some experience in vehicle & parts manufacturing and inspection, sales, and solving various after-sales technical problems with you.

The sharing content is divided into the following five parts:

Complete vehicle manufacturing and inspection.
Important component manufacturing and inspection.
Vehicle and important component maintenance knowledge.
Product after-sales maintenance knowledge.
Discussion of technological frontiers.

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