Repair Handbook: Troubleshooting Roundup for Electrical System of Electric Tricycle-6

6、There is abnormal motor sound

(1) Causes:

① Large bearing clearance inside the motor, ② Motor and rotor friction, ③ Magnetic steel loosening and falling off, ④ Axial endplay inside the motor, ⑤ Brush motor commutator oxidized, burned, oily, uneven on the surface, and loose commutator segment, ⑥ Loose and misaligned brush holder

(2) Troubleshooting:

① Replace the bearing. ② Repair the stator and rotor again. ③ Re-bond the magnetic steel. ④ Add appropriate washers axially. ⑤ Clean the surface of the commutator or weld the commutator segment firmly. ⑥ Adjust the brush holder.

Tips: If there is abnormal motor sound, it is recommended to replace the motor.

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