Repair Handbook: Troubleshooting Roundup for Electrical System of Electric Tricycle-9

9、The meter shows normal voltage, the speedometer has abnormal display, and the motor runs normally.

(1) Causes:

① Meter damaged, ② Short circuit of speed signal wire, ③ No speed display of controller

(2) Troubleshooting:

Check whether there any voltage change between the signal wire and the negative terminal. Normally the signal voltage will rise as the speed increases. If no changes in voltage, check whether the speed signal wire is connected properly, and whether there is a short circuit. If the voltage varies normally, it is a meter failure. If the speed displayed is too low, use a screwdriver to adjust the speed potentiometer on the meter until it is normal. As for brushless motor, check whether there is a short circuit in the connection wire of the meter and the controller speed wire. If normal, connect the speed signal wire of the controller to any phase of the motor Hall wire (thin yellow, green and blue wires). If the speed is normal, the controller is damaged. If there is still no display, the meter is damaged.

Tips: It is recommended to replace the meter in case of any of these faults.

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