Will electric vehicles be the future trend? Is it time to buy electric vehicles now?

The “Electric Vehicles” is a hot topic around the world. Many people are asking : ” Will electric vehicles be the future trend? Is it time to buy electric vehicles now? “

Although the road of electric vehicles is difficult, the prospects are still very good, and the road is long and difficult.

In 2020, the total retail sales of passenger vehicles in China will reach 2017.8 million, of which the sales of pure electric passenger vehicles will exceed 1 million. Although the sales of pure electric vehicles accounted for only about 5%, they increased significantly year-on-year, while the overall data for passenger cars dropped by 6% year-on-year. In the poor environment, pure electric vehicles have grown substantially.

What does it mean?:

1. The policy guidance has played a role. In terms of subsidy policies and the improvement of charging facilities, the favorable policy guidance has made the developed central cities well-equipped and radiating to the surrounding cities. The pure electric vehicle industry chain is gradually improving, from upstream raw materials, to parts, and then to vehicle production, as well as sales and after-sales. These signals give many car companies a good market atmosphere, and OEMs are optimistic about the trend of pure electric vehicles.

2. Pure electric vehicles are going to be formal, and there have been both “small things” and “big subversion”. From the perspective of the vast pure electric vehicle market, the entire market has begun to make efforts to pure electric vehicles. With the development of the area, pure electric vehicles have greatly improved in terms of battery life, configuration, price and safety concerns.

3. Consumers’ confidence has improved. From the past “talking about electric color change”, many consumers have taken the initiative or are willing to try pure electric vehicles. The most intuitive thing is the continuous increase in sales of electric vehicles. In the first half of 2021, 830,000 pure electric vehicles have been sold, and the penetration rate has reached 10.2%.

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