1000W motor 36V12Ah Lithium battery 2 wheels adult electric scooter

  • Powerful Motor with Tire
  • Better Shock Absorber Design
  • LED Headlamp
  • Power lithium battery
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Powerful Motor with Tire

1.non-slip、explosion-proof 、wear-resisting
2.It can run easily on gravel road and brick road
3.Can navigate most city roads and speed bumps

Better Shock Absorber Design

1.Driving feeling to more comfortable.

LED Headlamp

1.It lights up the nighttime road.
2.There’s a brake light on the back

Power lithium battery

1.High power supply
2.Safe and durable performance

Mass34 kg
Max. speed30 km/h
Carrying capacity115 kg
Max. range *25 km
Charging time6 – 8 hours
Battery36V 12Ah
Battery typeLithium
Dimensions1210 x 615 x 1110 mm
Package dimensions1160 x 310 x 500 mm
Electric motor typebrush