2023 Hot Sale Adult Electric Tricycles 3 wheel car fully enclosed electric tricycle car

  • LED light
  • Tubeless tires
  • Disc brake system
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1.LED light

The new eagle-eye-shaped headlight is equipped with an LED light source. The 10 lamp beads are full of technology and can illuminate farther at night. The brightness is greatly improved and has stronger penetrating power in foggy weather.

2.Tubeless tires

Tubeless tires offer more stability and predictable handling, allowing drivers to have better control over the vehicle, enhancing safety and stability during driving.

3.disc brake system

The vehicle is equipped with an anti-lock hydraulic disc brake system on both the front and rear wheels. The hand-foot cooperative braking structure, combined with large perforated brake discs, ensures sensitive and easy operation of the brakes.

Curb weight350Kg
Loading capacity300Kg
Maximum speed≤40km/h or 25km/h (could be adjusted)
Wheel hubaluminum
Min. ground clearance180mm
Driving seatadjustable
Steering typehandle
Rated climb capacity20 degree
Brake modeDisc brake
Paking wayPaking way
Braking distance≤3.5m
Motor power1500W
Motor modeBrushless
Rated voltage60V /72V (optioal)
Runing distance40-60km ((varies based on riders weight and terrain)
Battery60V/72V 50Ah(Gel battery)