5 door 3 seat 1000w Electric Handicapped Tricycle Three Wheel Disabled Car

  • Highly sealed body
  • Large interior space
  • anti-skid vacuum tire
  • Permanent magnet DC copper winding motor
  • Multiple purpose vehicle(MPV)
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1.Highly sealed body

The entire vehicle adopts automotive-grade sealing technology, undergoing multiple sealing experiments to enhance its waterproof performance. It ensures that no water leaks in during rainy day driving, providing a more secure driving experience.

2.Large interior space

The interior space is spacious, and the width of the rear seat cushion reaches 97 cm. The vehicle can easily accommodate three passengers, and the cargo area can also accommodate various items.

3.anti-skid vacuum tire

Improved durability, stability, and increased friction provide better traction capabilities.

4.Permanent magnet DC copper winding motor

1000W powerful power, using high-quality copper winding motor with high power output and high performance controller. It is full of power so that you will no longer be afraid of slopes and can easily climb mountains and cross bridges.

5.Multiple purpose vehicle(MPV)

This is multiple purpose vehicle(MPV), can be used for fishing, shopping, outing, etc…, and also a thoughtful gift for anyone who are you want to give.

Use ForPassenger
Body TypeClosed
Battery60V/58Ah (customizable)
Maximum speed50km/h
Driving range60km ((varies based on riders weight and terrain)
Curbweight280Kg(Weight without battery)
Loading capacity300Kg
Front tyre3.50-10
Rear tyre3.50-10
Charging time6-8 hours