Easy Operation Electric Sightseeing Car Optional Colors With Steering Wheel

  • Exquisite workmanship
  • Many colors to choose
  • Double brake pedal
  • Integrated rear axle differential motor
  • High strength composite material
  • Used in the place of entertainment and leisure
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Product selling point:

1、Electric sightseeing cars use electricity as their power source, producing no exhaust or emissions, making them environmentally friendly.

2、Electric sightseeing cars have lower operational costs compared to traditional fuel-powered vehicles, and the stable price of electricity contributes to their economic efficiency.

3、Electric sightseeing cars operate with reduced noise, eliminating engine noise and vibrations, providing a quieter and more peaceful sightseeing experience.

4、Electric sightseeing cars typically have user-friendly interfaces, are easy to drive, and require less frequent refueling. Convenient charging options further enhance their ease of use.

5、Electric sightseeing cars contribute to sustainability by reducing reliance on finite resources and lowering carbon footprint.

Permanent magnet brushless DC motor
Battery45Ah/48V lead acid battery
Charger48V charger
Controller18 tubes controller
BodyHigh-strength composite body
Transmission systemDifferential rear axle drive
Braking SystemSmart brake
Steering systemAutomatic backlash compensation for rack and pinion steering gear
operating systemDual brake pedal and throttle ratio interlocking reversing
Instrument systemLight speedometer battery display
Battery life≥7H
Braking distance﹤2M
Weight150KG(without the battery)
Front track935mm
Rear track1005mm
Radius of gyration3m
ColorRed,Yellow,White,Green ,Blue