Eco-friendly electric vehicle Mini Electric Cars for Adult

  • Highly sealed body
  • Panoramic glass for clear visibility
  • Door System
  • anti-skid vacuum tire
  • Convenient parking
  • multiple purpose vehicle(MPV)
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1.Highly sealed body

The entire vehicle adopts automotive-grade sealing technology, undergoing multiple sealing experiments to enhance its waterproof performance. It ensures that no water leaks in during rainy day driving, providing a more secure driving experience.

2.Panoramic glass for clear visibility

The front window is made of a single piece of EEC-certified tempered glass, providing a clear view of the road conditions. It is equipped with agile electric wipers and can be cleaned with glass cleaner for optimal visibility.

3.Door System

The car features an automotive-grade electronic central locking system, with a multi-level sealed and waterproof design. With one-touch window control, it provides a hands-free driving experience and enhances overall driving comfort.

4.anti-skid vacuum tire

Improved durability, stability, and increased friction provide better traction capabilities.

5.Convenient parking

With a volume that is only one-third of a regular sedan, it is easy to park and provides convenient parking options.

6.multiple purpose vehicle(MPV)

This is multiple purpose vehicle(MPV), can be used for fishing, shopping, outing, etc…, and also a thoughtful gift for anyone who are you want to give.

Use ForPassenger
Driving TypeElectric
Body TypeClosed
Battery60V/80-120Ah (Lead-acid battery)
Maximum speed45km/h
Driving range80-150km ((varies based on riders weight and terrain)
Brake modeFour wheel disc brake / foot brake
Loading capacity380Kg
Front tyre135/70-12
Rear tyre135/70-12
Wheel hubaluminum
Driving seatadjustable
Charging time8-10 hours
Entertainment systemMP5 radio、USB stereo speaker